Chocolate that does you good!

This is an exciting but busy time of year.  Not only do our bodies have to adjust to the colder weather, but time seems to speed up with all the Christmas preparations and socialising.  I love the saying “90% of what you eat should be good for your body, and 10% should be good for your soul”.  An 80/20 split might seem more achievable but it can be easy to go way beyond with so much temptation.  The remedy?  A good stock of superfood chocolate which contains the right kind of sugars (polysaccharides) and negligible levels of stimulants, is packed full of immune supporting goodness, and slow release energy.


4oz coconut butter, 4oz cacao butter, 4oz goji berries, 1oz bee pollen, 7oz Super Smoothie mix (from, pinch of sea salt.

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